Guanajibo/Cabo Rojo

In 1839 Spanish immigrant from Vigo, Galicia, Francisco de Silva y Cortiñas bought land and an oxen driven mill from the family of his wife Micaela del Carmen Ponce de Leon y del Toro Quiñones and renamed it Hacienda Carmen in her honor.  The land acquired by Francisco was much larger than the 339 acres (of which approximately 240 were used to grow sugarcane) that Hacienda Carmen later occupied between the Guanajibo and Viejo rivers, it extended north all the way to where PR-114 meets PR-100 today.

Ca. 1872, Francisco and Micaela del Carmen sold Hacienda Carmen to Rafael Bello Motta and his wife Monserrate (Ratina) Ithier who installed a steam driven mill.  The 1870 tax declaration record shown below signed in 1870 was the last before Francisco sold to Rafael Bello shortly before he died
Upon Rafael's death, ownership of the hacienda passed on to his estate and then to Spanish immigrant from Salamanca, Guillermo Santos de la Mano (1851-1929) who on September 21,1885 married Josefa Tió Segarra (1847-1908).  It was later owned by Salvador Tió Malaret (1875- ) who sold it to Adolfo Ramirez de Arellano Conty (1831-1900).  After Ramirez de Arellano's death, it was owned by the firm Adolfo Ramirez de Arellano & Sobrinos represented by Quintin Ramirez de Arellano Ramirez de Arellano (1870-1935) and Alfredo Ramirez de Arellano Rosell who changed the name to Isabel Josefa in honor to his wife Isabel Josefa Bartoli.  By 1902 Hacienda Carmen as such had dissapeared, merging into haciendas Josefa and Estabanía (owned by Esteban Nadal and the Sucn. Ramón Nadal). 

As can be seen in the map below, Hacienda Carmen was located near what today is PR-103 between the Guanajibo and Viejo Rivers adjacent to the North of what used to be Hacienda Ratina.  There aren’t any known existing structures of the mill today.  What still remains on the original land is the Silva Bridge, which played an important role in the Spanish-American War.  The pictures of the bridge and other documents included in the gallery below are the courtesy of Dr. Nydia "Cookie” Rodriguez Hanna, a descendant of Francisco de Silva y Cortiñas.
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