Was established as a 1,700 cuerdas hacienda in 1858 by Eusebio Perez del Castillo and his wife Monserrate Rivera, also owners of the nearby Hacienda Santa Barbara later  Central Santa Barbara .  In 1900, after Eusebio and his wife's death in 1899 and 1900 respectively, the then 1,400 acre hacienda was acquired by Spanish immigrant from Mallorca Jaime Oliver Mayol (1844- ) and his wife Manuela Cuvergé.

In 1904 coffee from Hacienda Gripiñas won the Gold Medal in the Louisian Purchase Exposition also known as the St. Louis World Fair.  Oliver Mayol and his family continued to operate Gripiñas intill 1932 when as a result of the destruction casued by huricanes San Felipe in 1928 and San Ciprián in 1932, the property was foreclosed by the bank.  The  majority of the land was later acquired by the Government, segregated and distributed in small parcels to local people.

The manor house has been remodeled and expanded and today is a hotel under the auspices of the Government program "Paradores de Puerto Rico".  Its location on a hillside overlooking the the processing establishments was not typical of coffee plantations.  Ususally the Manor House was integrated into the coffee processing complex.