José Benitez Residence

This is a 1910 slightly Neo-Classical, well developed bungalow following in the same line of Nechodoma's previously designed homes for the Toro family and a gentleman called C. Guiller, both demolished long time ago.  According to Thomas Marvel, the Toro house was similar to a house that Louis Sullivan built in Ocean Springs, MS.  An idea of the design for the Toro house can be obtained from this interesting video on Sullivan's Ocean Springs, MS residence .  
The Benitez family occupied the house until 1950 when it was converted to a boarding house, by the early 1980's it was vacant.  It was restored in 1985 by architect Benjamn Vargas and is now used as the offices of the advertising agency Israel Rodriguez & Partners, Inc.
José Benitez Diaz (1866-1947) was the son of José Benitez Guzmán owner of Benitez Sugar Co. and the Arkadia and Playa Grande sugar mills in Vieques, and at one time of approximately 44% of all the land in Vieques.  He was also member of the PR Senate from 1917 to 1924.