Hacienda Julia was established in Barrio Benavento as Hacienda Emoción de Amor ca. 1861 by brothers Manuel Maria (1840-1907) and Liborio Padilla Rivera (1840-1924) of San Germán.  It was acquired ca. 1891 by Joaquin Servera Nazario (1837-1912) who changed its name to Julia in honor of his only daughter Julia Servera Silva (1877- ).  In 1891 Servera installed a steam mill, a still and evaporators and annexed additional lands for a total of approximately 500 acres of which some 300 were planted with sugarcane.  Hacienda Julia was later acquired by Mateo Fajardo Cardona and made part of  Central Eureka , where its sugarcane was then processed. 
Its chimney has a resemblance to that of  Hacienda Buena Unión  in nearby Bo. Guamá of San German, but is taller and has 6 sectional markers as opposed to Guamá's 4 sectional markers.
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