According to the Ponce property registry, La Matilde was the first rural property recorded in Ponce's Property Registry Section I on May 1, 1880 with a value of 36,000 pesos.  It belonged to Juan Germán Prats Hinsch (1840-1913), son of a Spanish father from Catalonia and a French mother from Martinique.
It was the first to have a water vapor powered irrigation system installed after receiving Government permission in 1843 to use waters from the Magueyes/Canas River and in 1876 from the Marueño River. 
Today all that remains is the structure below which is on the south side of the PR-2 just east of where the Expressway (PR-52) ends.  I remember this structure growing up in the 50s and 60s when, although already abandoned, you could still see the exposed red brick walls.