Santa Isabel

Hacienda Palés was also throughout the years known as Hacienda Carmen, Hacienda Dos Hermanos and Hacienda Pastor Diaz.  It was located in Barrio Jauca just north of Jauca Bay in Santa Isabel. 
In a study prepared for a windmill project in the area, Architect Jorge Ortiz Colom and Eda M. Burgos PhD indicate that the chimney is where Hacienda Pastor Diaz was and that further to the East along the old railroad tracks and past what is known as Colonia Texidor, is where Hacienda Palés was.  They state that in the Colonia Texidor there are ruins of the old horse stable, a house, a water tank and a hoist part of the Hacienda Pastor Diaz.

The name Pastor Diaz most likely was given when the hacienda was acquired (probably by inheritance) by Ramón Pastor Diaz Molinaris (1877-1939) sometime before 1910 when the US Census records show him as an independent farmer in Barrio Jauca of Santa Isabel.  It is most likely at this time Hacienda Pastor Diaz had stopped preocessing sugarcane and was just a colono for one of the area central sugar mills.  Ramón Pastor was the son of  Spanish immigrant from Asturias Ignacio Diaz Joglar and his second wife wife Rufina Molinaris Sanchez (1850-1914). Ignacio was reportedly owner of this hacienda when named Carmen and also acquired Hacienda Carlota in 1891.

It is unclear to us if Hacienda Pastor Diaz and Hacienda Palés are two differnet haciendas as stated on the second paragraph above or if they are one and the same.  There are two relationships between the Diaz and Palés families which may have something to do with the hacienda's history.

  • The marriage of Domingo Wenceslao Palés Anés (1855-1939) and Concepcion Diaz Fraticelli (1863-1902), the daughter of Ignacio Diaz Joglar and his first wife Eglantina Fraticelli.
  • Ramón Pastor Diaz Molinaris sister, Maria Esperanza Diaz Molinaris (1880-1949) married Manuel Texidor y Alcalá del Olmo (1875-1915 ) in 1897 and after his death in 1917 married a second time to Rafael Angel Palés Diaz (1884-1920) the son of Domingo and Concepción in the Dominican Republic.
Maria Esperanza spouse Manuel Texidor y Alcala del Olmo, the son of Jesús María Texidor y Vazquez, a well known sugar planter in Guayama who owned haciendas Josefa, Puerto and Gregoria, may have some relationship to the Colonia Texidor mentioned above. 
Today, its smoke stack is very close and can be seen on the north side of PR-1 between Santa Isable and Salinas.
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