Central Plata
San Sebastian 

Date Established: 1910
Date Ceased Operations: 1996
Annual Production Graph
Average Annual Production: 24,293 Tons
Best Production Year: 1967/63,962 Tons
Family Ownership: Abarca, Vidal
The Louisiana Planter and Sugar Manufacturer edition of November 4, 1911states that "...the La Plata Sugar Co. are making use of a good deal of old machinery taken from other factories which have outgrown their capacity."

Central Plata was one of the sugar mills started by Eduardo Georgetti, whose main sugar mill holding was  Central Plazuela .  Later on, the majority stockholders of Central Plata were Angel Abarca, who also had ownership in Central Cambalache , Juan Abarca and Felipe T. Vidal, controling members of the foundry Sucrs. de Abarca in San Juan.  It was the largest sugar mill located up in the mountains. 
Central Plata installed a system using a tank to cool and recycle water, thus limiting the water taken from the adjacent Culebrinas River, we did not see this system used anywhere else on the island.  Pictured is a big tank which appears to be a "tacho" or vacuum pan where the guarapo or juice was heated to remove impurities.  This system replaced the "tren Jamaiquino" of which you can read about in the  Hacienda La Esperanza  page.  Also pictured laying on the ground is the press used in the milling process to extract the juice from the sugarcane.  A similar press can also be seen in the Central Roig  page.  Clearly identifiable is the weigh station for the incoming trucks loaded with sugarcane from the fields and the mill's administrative offices.
On the premises of the old sugar mill there is now a construction company.
  1. Managing Director