Central Rio Llano

Date Established: 1938
Date Ceased Operations: 1970
Annual Production Graph
Average Annual Production: 13,612 Tons
Best Production Year: 1952/18,787 Tons
Family Ownership: Gonzalez, Marqués
Rio Llano began operations  on the site of the old Central Camuy which was owned by the Amador family.   More on Central Camuy can be read on the PR Sugar Mills Project  page.
Rio Llano was a late arrival in the sugar mill industry in Puerto Rico.  Its owners did not own any of the land used for growing sugarcane therefore depended 100% on independent growers or "colonos".  It was an important link between the sugar and the rum industries.  Molasses from Rio Llano were used in the distilling of Palo Viejo Rum which owners, Barceló, Marqués & Co. were in part the same owners of the sugar mill.  
The distillery was adjacent to the sugar mill; the smoke stack pictured in the background is not of the sugar mill but of the distillery.  Also included are pictures of what used to be the distillery, the name can be read to the left of the gate.  Palo Viejo is still sold in Puerto Rico and the US, it is now distilled by Destilería Serrallés at Mercedita.  Muscavado sugar produced by Rio Llano was refined sugar for sale in the local market under the brand "Eversweet".  
After its closure in 1974, Rio Llano was dismantled and its equipment sold to Honduras where it operated as Rio Lindo sugar mill.