Central Roig

Date Established: 1897
Date Ceased Operations: 2001
Annual Production Graph
Average Annual Production: 23,131 Tons
Best Production Year: 1967/47,382 Tons
Family Ownership: Vallecillo, Fabian, Roig
Corporate Ownership: Compañia Azucarera del Este, Yabucoa Sugar Co.
The origin of Roig dates back to  the 1870s when it was an ingenio known as Carmen, named in honor of Maria del Carmen Rodriguez wife of its owner Ramón Aponte Ortiz de la Renta.  Its name was changed to Hacienda Mercedita in 1878 when acquired by Cristobal Vallecillo Morales in honor of his only daughter Maria de las Mercedes Vallecillo Mandry.  During his ownership, in 1897 Vallecillo expanded the hacienda into a sugar mill.  In 1902 the Compañia Azucarera del Este, headed by Guillermo McCormick and the mercantile firm Bertrán Hnos., acquired Mercedita from Vallecillo.  In 1906 the Compañia Azucarera del Este sold to the Yabucoa Sugar Company.
Antonio Roig Torrellas (-1933), the son of Spanish immigrants from Catalonia, began his professional career in 1875 as an employee of Fritz, Lundt & Co. and of Kraemer & Co., German merchant houses in Mayaguez.  In the 1880 he went to work for Jorge Bird León in Fajardo.  In 1886 he married Eulogia Guzmán Toro whose family were land owners and two years later he rented a warehouse in the port area of Humacao and established Casa Roig.  He began as an owner in the sugar industry in 1896 when he acquired what later came to be  Central El Ejemplo in Humacao and expanded his holdings in 1904 when he acquired what later came to be  Central Juncos .

Soon after Antonio Roig Torrellas sold his interest in Central Juncos to the United Porto Rican Sugar Co. in 1926, he acquired The Yabucoa Sugar Co. for $1.8 million from its shareholders Rafael Fabian Fabian (who was married to Josefina Finlay Van Rhyn and also had onwership interests in  Central Constancia  and  Central Cortada , was President of Banco Territorial y Agricola, the island's 2nd largest bank in 1910 and was part owner the still operating restaurant La Mallorquina in Old San Juan), Manuel Gonzalez Martinez, Rafael Martinez Dominguez and The Puerto Rican Sugar Development Company.  The Central sugar mill's name was then changed to Central Roig. 
After Antionio Roig Torrella's death 1n 1933, his holdings passed on to his widow and two sons; Antonio Agripino Roig Guzman and Jorge Adalberto Roig Guzman under the name Antonio Roig Sucesores.  Antonio Roig Sucecores operated the sugar milll until it was acquired by the Puerto Rico Land Authority.  Central Roig came to be one of the largest sugar mills in Puerto Rico and the next to last one to close.  It refined "Starlight" and "Estrella" brands sugar for sale in the local market.
When we visited Roig, even though we were allowed access to the premises, we were not allowed to go near the structures as there was an Engineering firm doing an environmental study to determine possible contamination.