Santa Rosa/El Muerto

Sometime between 1930 and 1940 Hacienda Santa Rosa was acquired by Spanish immigrant from Palma de Mallorca José Ramis de Ayreflor (1892-1982) who arrived in Puerto Rico in 1911 and who in 1917 was employed as salesclerk at the store in Hacienda Castañer .  During the 1920s he was administrator (Mayordomo) at  Hacienda Castañer and Hacienda La Balear .

As of 1977 Hacienda Santa Rosa was still operating with water power using water from the Yahuecas River channeled to its 1870 Hydraulic Turbine which produced enough torque to move all the production machinery.  Its three story main building combined storage, machinery and employee quarters.   Hacienda Santa Rosa also produced slaked lime chunks and bread, remains of the lime kiln and bread oven were already in ruins in 1977.

Its last kown owner was José Ramis, it is located off of PR-525 Ramal 4 Km from PR-135. 

These pictures are part of a 1987 study by Archeologist Dr. Luis Pumarada O'Neill, source: Puerto Rico State Historic Preservation Office.