Juana Diaz

This Ingenio was located in what is today known as the "Comunidad Serrano" which is part of the Barrio Capitanejo of Juana Diaz, it is aproximately 1.75 miles ENE of Central Boca Chica. 
Serrano was owned by David Casimiro Laporte until his death ca. 1879,  the hacienda was thereafter owned and operated by his estate or Sucn. David Casimiro Laporte whose legal representative or "albacea testamentario" were at different times Adolfo Souffront and Juan Prat who was also owner of Hacienda La Matilde  and one of the wealthiest men in Ponce.  There are records of requests to withdraw water from the Jacaguas River for irrigation in 1872 and again in 1877.
In July 1906 a suit was filed against La Compagnie des Sucreries de Porto Rico, owner of Central Fortuna  by the heirs of Clemente Fleurian (-1892) for the recovery of 504 acres of land known as Hacienda Serrano.  The case stated that prior and up to 1879 Serrano was owned by David Casimiro Laporte who on October 9, 1879 entered into an agreement and deeded the Hacienda to Fleurian who was the Hacienda's Manager.  Without having paid any consideration or taking posession of the land, Fleurian then mortgaged the property in February 18, 1880 to Fernando Labastide who also owned Hacienda San Fernando in Ponce.  A suit brought in France where Laporte lived at the time of the deed, secured the cancelation of the transfer to Fleurian and the mortgage to Labastide and supposedly sentenced Fleurian to time in jail for fraud.  
Subsequently the heirs of Laporte sold the property on October 16, 1883 to Juan Forgas and José Gallart Forgas owners of Central Fortuna who later sold to La Compagnie des Sucreries de Porto Rico.
The structure in the picture is its only remains, this structure seems to be where the processing mill was located.
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