Central Triunfo

Date Established: 1916
Date Ceased Operations: 1930
Annual Production Graph
Average Annual Production: 3,722 Tons
Best Production Year: 1926/5,515 Tons
Family Ownership: Garzot, Fuertes
Central Triunfo was built at a cost of $200,000 by Melchior, Armstrong & Dessau in 1916 and completed for the 1917 grinding season.  Its original owner was the mercantile firm of Garzot & Fuertes whose principal shareholders were Juan Garzot and Luciano R. Fuertes.  It had about 3,000 acres of its own land and milled the sugarcane that previously went to the dismantled Central San Cristobal.  It was to experiment with a small sulphur process plant for the manufacture of white sugar.  It operated for only 14 years with its best production year in 1926 when it produced 5,515 tons of sugar.  Its last grinding season was 1930 when it processed 862 tons of sugar.
There are no remains of this sugar mill and its location could not be identified although it was reportedly 1 Km to the South of the town of Naguabo near the banks of the Santiago River as water privileges were granted in 1916 to extract water for use in their industrial sugar factory.  The factory was destroyed by Hurricane San Ciprián  in 1932 and never rebuilt.  From then on its sugarcane was processed at Central Pasto Viejo.  

The "Castillo Villa del Mar" photographed herein, is included as it is the only property related to the sugar mill.  It was built in 1917 by Faustino Rodriguez Fuertes, nephew of Luciano who had come to Puerto Rico at the request of his uncle to help in the family business and ended up marrying his cousin, Luciano's daughter Carmen Fuertes Ruiz.  The house architecture is Late Victorian Style , rare to find in Puerto Rico.  In 1989 Hurrican Hugo caused serious damage to the property and in the mid 1990s, while it was being used as a restaurant, a fire caused additional damages.  This property was included in the National Register of Historic Places in 1983, a year after it started being used as a restaurant as shown in these pictures included with the submission form. 
Faustino Rodríguez Fuertes is attributed with the establishment of another sugar mill; Central Gurabo, however, we have no information if the plans for this sugar mill ever came to fruition.  Other businesses associated with the family are Ron Sobrino and the soft drink Coco Rico, originally produced with cocunut water from the family's property between Naguabo and Punta Santiago in Humacao.